Obsolete was created as an entry into the Ludum Dare 36 game jam, a contest that requires creating a full game in just 72 hours.  Based on the provided theme, “Ancient Technology,” Obsolete follows the journey of a forgotten handheld game console, struggling to make his place in an age of newer and faster mobile technologies.

Abandoned amidst the junk of a yard sale box, the lonely GameBox is feeling unwanted and old.  And as he sits there, he wonders if there’s still a future left for him and the games he loved to play.

Until a smug kid, and his even more unbearable mePhone, happen along and insult his honor.

You’re the GameBox. A classic. A survivor! You won’t be discarded.  You won’t be forgotten.  And really, you’re only a few upgrades shy of being a modern day device. And there are plenty of other devices in this yard sale to take them from…

Set out on an adventure to prove to the other devices of this cul-de-sac that you far from Obsolete.

Built as a loving nod to some of our favorite RPGs both old and new, Obsolete borrows combat, text-adventure, and boss progression mechanics from some of the classic games of the GameBox’s own era.

(Due to circumstances with the Ludum Dare contest at the time, Ludum Dare 36 was not scored or ranked.)