Arms' Reach

Arms’ Reach is that classic love story about a soul-devouring tentacle monster, and the vampire princess that loves him. Each search for the souls of the unwary warriors that have come to slay them in a desperate bid to free themselves from their sprawling dungeon prison.

Arms’ Reach was designed as an entry to the Ludum Dare 37 game jam, a contest that requires participants to create a full game in just 72 hours.  Based on the provided theme, “One Room,” we flipped the classic dungeon crawler format to be a story that focuses instead on the monster that sits waiting at the end of the dungeon.  And, in this story’s case, he’s not so much waiting as he is trapped.

By controlling each of the monster’s creepy tentacles, players work to ward off attackers, protect the vampire princess from would-be “rescuers,” and collect the Soul Gems (and other treasures) from the dungeon in a fast-paced scramble of simultaneous goals.