About Stellar Door

The Mission

We are driven by projects that center on the imaginative – visually, musically, and interactively. Our guiding belief is that games are both worlds to be experienced and stories to be told.

We choose projects that help to develop our crafts as artists, animators, composers, programmers, and most of all storytellers, in the hope that every aspect of our games will feel like a complete and cohesive experience.

The Details

Stellar Door Studios is based in Frederick, MD.  We are a core team of three, although we have wonderful friends that we’ve worked with on past projects. We’re proud of the workflows we’ve learned together, and have come to rely on one another to fill in the gaps that fast-paced projects can often create. (It also helps that none of us probably sleeps quite enough.)

We focus on our own long-term projects, but we have come to love and look forward to as many gamedev (and recently film) events and contests as we have the time for — with a special shout out to the excellent Ludum Dare team jam as a favorite way to try out new ideas and new tools.  Our team met through Ludum Dare, and has come to solidify a core division of labor based on the jams we’ve completed together in the past.

We also like to compete in the wonderful 72 Film Fest, during which we created the animated film “Bound“, which we are proud to say won the Best Amateur Film award. We are also grateful for the chance to work together on our David Bowie fan-tribute film “Water on Mars” during a year of pandemic lockdown, in which our short film ranked among the “Favorites” block and was nominated for Best Amateur and (a special point of pride) Most Hopeful.

The Plan

While none of us are quite able to work on games full-time, Stellar Door maintains ongoing long-term game development projects, which we’d love to share info about here when we can. In the meantime, reach out to us if you are interested in projects or opportunities to work together!