Adam Silcott

Adam Silcott masquerades as a modern day human, despite having originated somewhere in deep space and settling among humankind only after the accidental crash landing of his vessel, known as the Monolith.  He struggles to use Earth’s primitive technologies to adequately rebuild and refuel his vessel, an effort that has required the harvesting of humanity’s electrical brain activity — a requirement that has urged him to take up game design, in an effort to maximally energize the nearby brainwaves of his unwitting brainwave generators–or, more delicately put, neighbors.

When anyone gets suspicious, Adam tells them the backstory he fabricated to fit in: He programmed his first game on a TRS-80 when he was 9. It was a downhill racing/skiing sort of thing that was totally unfair, but he loved it all the same. It sparked a lifetime obsession with game design, a hobby that he continues to enjoy to this day. He’s also been known to do some drawing, painting, and sculpting. All totally normal activities that normal humans enjoy.

In his day job he works with Unity to visualize earth science data in VR. It’s all in the hopes of getting to hitch a ride on one of those sweet satellite launches someday. First step low Earth orbit, next step hitching a ride on a Vogon constructor fleet.